Hi! I’m Matt.

For me, cooking goes back as far as I can remember. My family were heavy outdoor enthusiasts and we often cooked for large groups of campers. As a kid, I loved helping. Even if that just meant I put cheese on hamburgers while they sizzled on the grill.

My food memory is permanently ingrained with the flavors and aromas of food cooked over a fire. Camp food like my grandpa’s dutch oven peach cobbler was the perfect treat after fishing or hiking all day. Back then, our family connected over food, and we still do!

After high school, I dove into cooking with abandon. I studied the world’s greatest chefs and the methods of Jacques Pepin, Steven Raichlen, Julia Child, James Peterson, and Ken Hom. I also poured over authoritative texts. These include The Culinary Institute of America’s The Professional Chef and The International Culinary Center’s Fundamentals of Classic Cuisine. With the help of my texts and Rouxbe, I put myself through a type of self-paced culinary school, an obsession that continues to this day.

My wife and I created Cook Like a Master to fuel this passion, and I invite anyone who wants to learn how to cook like the greatest chefs to come along aside me and learn from the best of the best. Join me as we gain from the wisdom of great cooking, and incorporate it into our modern kitchens. 

It is my mission to enrich people’s lives through the gift of soul-satisfying food. I cannot wait to have you join me on the journey. 

And I’m Sherrie!

My cooking story is a bit different than Matt’s. For the longest time, I focused my energy and attention on other things in life. I was an elementary teacher and taught school in the Middle East for years. Time was dedicated to students, parents, and my coworkers.

And then, I met Matt. I saw his culinary talent right away. With purely selfless motives (wink, wink), I encouraged it. What resulted was countless date nights with homemade dinners.

I prepped, we talked, he cooked, we laughed. We ate and fell in love over Matt’s creations like buffalo tacos, gnocchi, beef stroganoff, authentic ramen, and scratch pumpkin pie. I knew he had something special, and I had found my place in the kitchen, too.

I love prep work and the little details that go into a dish. My happy place is spending time in the kitchen chopping, slicing, dicing, and photographing the amazing meal that my husband cooks to perfection. In short, I am the sous chef to my husband, the chef, chef.

That’s Us!

Our dating days were filled with love, laughter, and food. And it’s that way still. Four years married and going strong, there’s no place we enjoy quite so much as spending time with each other in the kitchen.

This culinary project has been a dream of ours that gives us the opportunity to work together, continue the culinary journey, and provide the best-of recipes for those looking for their next favorite meal. Look around, stay awhile, and enjoy the site!

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