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air fryer corn dogs on a plate

Easy Air Fryer Corn Dogs from Frozen to Done

  • Author: Matt
  • Total Time: 9 minutes
  • Yield: 1 Batch 1x


Air fryer corn dogs are perfection on a stick – golden brown on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside, and absolutely delicious.



1 package Frozen Corn Dogs



Preheat the air fryer

  • First, you’ll want to preheat your air fryer. Set it to reheat at 400 degrees F and set the total cooking time to 8 minutes.
  • When the air fryer is ready, lay the dogs in a single layer in the air fryer tray, as is. There’s no need for cooking spray or extra oil when you air fry corn dogs.
  • For best results, make sure the corn dogs aren’t overlapping. Placing them in a single layer is the best way to ensure even cooking.

Air fry the corn dogs

  • When the air fryer has been cooking for 3-5 minutes, turn the corn dogs over once to achieve that golden brown exterior quintessential of a perfect corn dog. Depending on your air fryer basket, you might achieve those little grill marks, as well.
  • At the 7-8 minute mark, they should be golden brown and perfectly cooked. If they still look a little pale, give them an extra minute.
  • And serve! You just cooked the best frozen corn dogs around and all the applause goes to you.

Note: This is a standard recipe and should work for all corn dog brands. However, air fryer cook times can vary depending on the brand of air fryer and how powerful your unit is.

  • Prep Time: 1
  • Cook Time: 8
  • Category: Everyday Cooking
  • Method: Air Fry
  • Cuisine: American

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